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YogaMonks is an original school of yoga conceived and developed by Jonathan Monks. Drawn from over twenty years of self-practice and driven by the search for embodiment, the method continues to evolve.

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A trilogy

First principles form a trilogy: no contraction, no isolation, and movement with connection. Practice begins by fostering curiosity. YogaMonks’ heritage is Hatha (elongation of the longitudinal tendon of the spine or liberation of the spine from four limbs) and features classical Asana (postures) and Vinyasa (dynamic movement) - but its flavour is unique.


We bring ourselves to whatever we do (fully). YogaMonks reflects the dedication and creativity of its founder. Fascinated by physical training as a child, Jonathan discovered T’ai Chi before following the foundations laid out in Mehta’s ‘Yoga, the Iyengar Way’, and so his quest began - to unearth the roots of the imbalances in his body and to find a way to integrate them.

Daily practice

As his daily practice revealed new connections, so Jonathan's teaching flourished and his innovative method began to take shape. YogaMonks now encompasses a vast body of work and a core system of original routines – Yellow, the Nine, Ski, Wag, Flavours and Moon, to name but a few.